Smokestack Restaurant

The crispy pork chop, mashed potatoes, gravy and homemade roll at the Smokestack Restaurant in Thurber, Texas. (Photo by Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens 

About 40 miles west of Weatherford, Texas, on Interstate 20 is the one exit town of Thurber. You can’t miss it, as you will see the giant brick smokestack on the north side of the highway. As best as I can tell, all there is in

Thurber, or I should say what is left in Thurber are two restaurants, a museum, a few random buildings, an old church and a cemetery. In one of the old brick buildings that was once the town mercantile store stands the Smokestack Restaurant.

The other day I had to drive to Thurber to pick up some cedar stays to do some fence work, or better explained, they would be for the 15-year-old ranch hand named Hoss who is working for us. We have been really lucky: he is becoming a top hand. I drove past this big smokestack and saw across the road from it was an old brick restaurant. So cedar stays had to wait, as I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check out this cool looking joint. As I walked in, I realized I was in a historic small-town food heaven.

The restaurant is decorated in authentic antiques. The wall is covered in its historic past, and the nostalgia leaks through the brick walls, that were once made in the town of Thurber.

It didn’t take long after sitting down to realize this is a special place. Food is cooked to order and everything is homemade with a pretty extensive menu with everything from fried chicken livers to rib eye.

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