The Garden Guy: Ladybird Primroses Make Their Debut

By Norman Winter | Horticulturist, Author, Speaker

New in garden centers this year are a couple of Ladybirds. When you see the name Ladybird associated with a plant, you can assume a few things: native DNA, great for the environment and most likely tough-as-nails.

Such is the case for Ladybird Lemonade and Ladybird Sunglow, two new hybrid Calylophus varieties.
More than likely you are wondering, what is that Calylophus word? That is the botanical name for Texas

Primrose, which is about as Ladybird deserving as a Bluebonnet. Indeed, it is an all-star with bees, birds and butterflies and hardly ever on Bambi’s menu. Given the right conditions these are known to be perennials in zones 8a – 10b.

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