Grazing North Texas

By Tony Dean |

A few of our native flowers have been appearing on the countryside. Some of these spring flowers are perennials, like Engelmann’s daisy, and come back from the roots year after year. Engelmann’s daisy grows from a very large stout taproot making it very drought resistant.

Forbs are an important part of our grazing land production, especially perennial forbs like Engelmann’s daisy. Engelmann’s daisy is one of the “big four” of native perennial forbs in Texas. The other three include Maximillian sunflower, bush sunflower and Illinois bundleflower.

Engelmann’s daisy, also called Cut-leaf daisy, produces a winter rosette, or small growing point, on the soil surface during winter months. Later in the spring and early summer, several branches grow from the winter rosette and can reach height and width of three feet at maturity.

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