Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

By Rayford Pullen |

I was really worried we would miss spring this year because we missed the rain in February, March, and the biggest part of April, but low and behold, it arrived. Our pastures finally turned green and our cattle started putting the weight back on they had given up over the winter due to the lack of grazing from our planted winter annuals and our native winter pastures. In the not-so-distant past, I recall realizing that we had indeed missed spring because of one of the frequent droughts that seem to pop up from time to time in our part of the world.

Around our place, all the calves have been vaccinated for blackleg, IBR and dewormed with a white wormer. Their mommas and daddies received lepto-vibrio with the mommas and daddies two and under receiving a white dewormer. One thing we did run into was ear ticks on mainly our yearling heifers. There were a lot of them on the backs of the ears and inside the ears. We used an ear tick spray for those inside the ears and a pour-on down the back for those on top of the ears. Now, with the abundance of forage we have been blessed with, it’s time to enjoy watching our cattle bloom and the fruits of our labors pay off.

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