December 2017 Profile – THE FIRST LADY OF RODEO COMMENTARY : Pam Minick

By Jessica Crabtree

It all began in Las Vegas, Nev., for the leading lady in rodeo commentary more than 40 years ago. The blonde beauty is known for her quick wit, honest approach, knowledge of rodeo and agriculture as well as being a woman amongst a man’s world. That delightful lady is Pam Minick.

Raised on five acres in Las Vegas, considered a ranch, the family of four had no involvement in horses until Minick and her sister acquired the desire. “My parents never rode. But to indulge us, they bought us two Palomino horses named Rio and Rebel,” Minick explained. “Rebel and Rio, both Quarter Horses, were brought to Vegas from Missouri. They were used up and down the strip pulling a wagon, advertising an upcoming western-themed casino that never happened. After, the man wanted to sell the pair. My mother met him, paying $300 for each. We had no clue if they even rode.” she explained.

Minick was nine and her sister, seven when they were introduced to horses and 4-H. Saying the two were products of 4-H, “That’s where we learned. We literally bought these two horses before we had any corrals, saddles or a trailer to haul them.”

“For the first nine months we rode bareback. Looking back it was so good for us. We developed balance while riding and learned to be care takers,” Minick recalled. The horse woman admitted that is what shaped her heart and love for horses.

Aside from 4-H helping mold Minick as a youth, another vital part was her mother’s influence, “My mother wouldn’t allow us to say the word ‘can’t.’ You found a way.” Minick used her mother as an example throughout life. Even looking back and being baffled at the strength and resilience she exuded. With no vehicle to haul with, Minick’s neighbors would come by and pick up the sisters and their horses, hauling them to Saturday morning play-days and junior rodeos. “I look back and think of the big investment that was for my parents—every weekend taking us to another play-day or rodeo. My mom was always there to pay our entry fees and cheer us on. She was a giant cheerleader,” she smiled.

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Minick with husband of 34 years, Billy.
Minick and sister Lynn aboard their first two horses Rio and Rebel.
Minick and George Strait hosting at the Houston Astrodome.
Minick as a young girl surrounded by her trophies.
Minick holding the 2016 Western Horseman Award she proudly accepted. (Photos courtesy of Pam Minick)