Using recycled material on the farm or ranch

Ever thought about using old, worn-out tractor tires as tire tanks?  Or how about standing pallets on their sides and combining them with old barn tin as walls for your new chicken coup?  Have you considered using billboard vinyl as a tarp for your hay?

These are just a few examples of the creativity being put on display from some regional farmers and ranchers.

They say necessity is the mother of invention; and in times like these, you can see why.  With farmers and ranchers continually bearing increased costs, it’s no wonder they’re turning to recycled materials in order to help ease their burden.

Some other examples of DIY projects that farmers and ranchers are turning to are: 4” pipe, cut in half lengthwise, to make grow beds.  Cattle lick tubs and 45 gallon tree planters used as sub-irrigation reservoirs, cattle panels used as a 10’ x 70’ cucumber tunnel.

DIY projects represent just one aspect of recycled materials.  Another major component is the professional aspect.  For example, Rumber Materials’ Livestock trailer flooring products, which takes  ground whole tire waste and recycled thermoplastics mixes, compresses and cools them; forming a product made from 100 percent recycled materials.  Rumber flooring serves as a cushioning surface for livestock, giving them a firmer footing and minimizing the risk of injury and fatigue during transport.

Regardless of whichever component suits your needs, using recycled materials saves money, is more sustainable, less wasteful, more responsible and is environmentally friendly.

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