The Quebe Sisters

By Dani Blackburn

The Quebe Sisters were born and raised in the Lone Star State, home of Western swing music. With their mesmerizing fiddles and soaring vocals, the trio has kept the traditional tunes alive with their own contemporary context by performing both nationally and internationally to audiences captivated by their talent.

The fiddle is the prominent instrument of Western swing, a genre founded in a blend of musical styles. While Hulda, Grace and Sophia dazzle with their fiddling and harmonies, The Quebe Sisters also features archtop guitar and upright bass. The Dallas-based band melds to create sounds based in Western swing, jazz-influenced swing, country, Texas-style fiddling, and Western music.

“We play Western swing, terming it progressive Western swing because we want to continue bringing in new influences and material. We think this is part of the essence of the original Western Swing, which was drawing from all the influences the artist had around them. It was a melting pot genre if you will, and we want to continue bringing in influences, particularly from a traditional point of view, which is really important to keeping the music alive and doing it in the way it was done originally,” Grace said.

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