When a City Girl Goes Country

Illustration by Lesley Hollinger Vernon

By Annette Bridges

In my early years of country living I might have been described as a compulsive planner. Life on a cattle ranch would change that. I’ve learned to let go of unwavering expectations for how I thought my life or even my day was supposed to happen.

There is happiness in being ready for any possibility and ready to seize unexpected moments and opportunities. Happy is the life that is dazzled by each beautiful sunrise whether a cloudy or a sunny day. I’ve learned to be gracefully surprised by each and every event in my life – endeavoring not to be daunted, overwhelmed or exasperated when every detail doesn’t pan out the way I had envisioned.

Yes, life on a cattle ranch is filled with the unpredictable and unplanned so all the better to embrace that reality.

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