Top 5 Best Weekend Getaways Near You

By Corsi Martin 

Although Texas is large and vast and harbors just about every climate that North America has to offer (sometimes all in one day), it can be hard to travel through due to its grandeur. Farmers and ranchers need to get away too, but it’s not always easy to pick up and drive the family to Galveston beach or San Antonio for the weekend. That’s why I dedicate this article to helping you find those hidden gems near you. These are, in my opinion, the top five best places to travel to from North Texas, all locations being no less than two or three hours away, depending where you live.

1. Dinosaur Valley, Glen Rose, Texas– Dinosaur Valley is one of North Texas’ best-kept secrets although it is famous for having discovered dinosaur fossils that allegedly proved the existence of dinosaurs in Texas once upon a time. On any given summer day, one can choose a hiking trail, bring their dogs and swim in almost utter privacy, with the exception of a few passersby. A half-mile hike to the peak of Dinosaur Valley offers a beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country. When you’re done hiking, don’t forget to check out the museum on your way. Oh, and bring plenty of water. Park fees apply.

2. Unk’s Lake, Perrin, Texas- This one’s a great find, and the kids will love it. Unk’s Lake Campground is a spring fed, man-made, recreational swimming area for kids and adults. There are diving boards and a “blob” to keep the kids busy while you relax on the sandy beach with your favorite book. Park fees apply.

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