Confessions of a Hunter : Then and Now

By Andy Anderson 

A few days ago my son, Clay and I were enjoying a Sunday afternoon. I was flipping through the TV to find one of his beloved “Army” shows or a hunting show, something we could both relax and enjoy together. I came across the classics channel and as soon as I read the title, I was flooded with memories of when I first watched “Where the Red Fern Grows.” I decided to watch this old movie again, more for me to take a trip down memory lane than for Clay; after all it’s an older movie and doesn’t have all the special effects and such he’s become accustomed to.

“Where the Red Fern Grows” was a movie I watched for the first time in the school auditorium as a first grader. The entire school was in there, watching the same movie, something we did once a semester. If you have never seen it, the movie is great and sparked my interest in raccoon hunting. I wanted a coon dog so badly after watching this movie. Where the Red Fern Grows is more than just a raccoon hunting with dogs; it’s a story of a young man’s struggle achieving his dreams.

As I watched the movie with Clay, I picked up on things that differ quite a lot from today. I began to pay attention to Clay as he watched the movie as well, and from time to time asked him if he understood why things were happening the way they where. I found that the movie was teaching my son more than I expected.

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