Confessions of a Hunter — High Fence, Low Fence, No Fence

By Andy Anderson 

In today’s opinionated society, the debate over hunting in a high-fence ranch is a hot topic and always debated on personal preferences rather than fact. I hear and take part in discussions all the time on social media and around the camp fire. “If you are high fence hunting, you might as well kill them in a trap!” Well, I tell ya, that statement is far from the truth.

Now, I will agree, not all high fences are the same and, can at times, be like hunting in a trap. But, do your research and find you a good place to hunt, and it will be one of the most thrilling hunts you can do.

I was hunting a 500 acre high fence ranch not too long ago; whitetail and red stag were the game I was after. Five hundred acres, while that appears to be small for a game ranch, I assure you it was not. We hunted from stands, over feeders and water for several days and never even caught a glimpse of what we were after.

So far, not much different from hunting low fence or on public land.