A Day at the Ranch

Kara Lee, the Production Brand Manager for Certified Angus Beef leading a group in discussion over a set of first-calf heifer. (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)

By Jessica Crabtree

On Friday, March 17 two worlds collided— the world of production beef with the world of beef retail. Certified Angus Beef ® brand and Sysco North Texas descended upon Pullen Angus Ranch in Bellevue, Texas.

The world of ag met the world of retail. This day was arranged as the first gathering of Sysco and its employees as a day to become educated on the various methods as to how the product they market is produced.

The day started with all participants being divided up into groups, rotating through three various portions of the day. First, rancher and producer

Rayford Pullen entertained and informed the group on his background. He with wife Carla Sue run 500 cows on 4,000 acres.

He shared with onlookers how he raises beef on 100 percent native grass as well as his stocking rate, eight acres per head, which varies throughout the state of Texas.

Afterward, Pullen described all the ranch’s methods, from feeding time associated with calving time, EPD’S and their importance, the importance of forage quality and more. Several questions were asked during Pullen’s presentation such as, “How do you introduce protein? or “What is the ratio of grass per cow?” and “How can someone make a living on as few as 40 head of cows?”

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Rayford Pullen, center, explains to the Sysco North Texas employees a little about life on the ranch raising Angus beef. (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)
Kara Lee, Production Manager for Certified Angus Beef explaining the functions of the Pullen’s working chute to Sysco North Texas employees. (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)
Sysco North Texas employees and visitors were treated to Certified Angus Beef rib eyes prepared by famous chuck wagon cook Kent Rollins. Pictured is Rollins chuck wagon. (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)