The dirt on dirt of duck paddies

By Andy Anderson 

Duck Paddies are a fantastic feature for your property, attracting wildlife and creating sustainable vegetation for the eco system to thrive. The first step to any project is site evaluation, what are your options and what constructions methods must be used to be successful. I look at hundreds of properties a year and consult with biologists and other professionals specializing in wildlife management. Most of that time is spent walking around or driving ATV’s to numerous areas throughout the property to find the right location for the project.

The first step in planning anything is to list your priorities and/or objectives. Be systematic in creating your blueprint for the project. Another thing to consider as you list the objectives is make sure it fits into your overall management program.
For instance, if you are raising livestock, consider the impact it will have on the Duck Paddy, should it serve as a multi-use water source or be completely isolated in a designated wildlife area? To read more pick up a copy of the June 2016 issue.

Diagrams courtesy of Texas A&M Aquaculture hand book.

dirt on duck paddies 2