An Unexpected Adventure

By Andy Anderson

There are times when a hunting excursion is a serious matter. However, there are hunts that turn into the most odd, unbelievable and humorous events of your life—a moment in your time line you will never forget, a story to be told over and over. One such hunting event occurred not too long ago.
River Bottom Pursuits, a hunting show, came out to film a helicopter hog hunt. While the helicopter hunt is an exciting, high energy experience, the pro staff was focused on the conservation efforts of the depredation program and its success.
As part of the show, they wanted to go out after the hunt to recover some of the hogs taken from the helicopter.
So we loaded up in the Kawasaki Mule. Now this mule was provided by Freedom Power Sports and specially outfitted for the hunt and to accommodate six or more passengers. It has a large bed to hold game, tools and/or a cooler. I mean this thing is a beast with ample power and rides like a Cadillac. The typical recovery of a game animal during a hunt is fairly simple. To read more pick up a copy of the April 2016 issue.