Merry Christmas from the Natural Horseman

By Steve Stevens

What can I say. It’s Christmas morning, the kids woke us up extra early, to see if they could catch Santa on his way out.

Family is here. There are presents under the tree and the kitchen is full of yummy food. We want to remind everyone on this day of Christmas, that we don’t take everyones’ kindness, support and effort lightly.

It has been quite the year for us here on the ranch. We have so much to be grateful for. We sometimes forget how blessed we are when the little things catch up with us. But today is not that day.

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus and we hold each other strong and count every blessing. Every hug, giggle, whinny, meow and bark. Today is our day to enjoy every moment, live in the moment.

Today I want to hug my horses, cook for my family and kiss my wife and smile at her knowing that we stand tall through thick and thin, no matter what.

Today we watch our children experience Christmas together with family. And remind them of the family that wished they could be with them that couldn’t.

Today is a day that even though they may not be with us, we think about every client that has helped provide us with the business to put food on the table.

Our friends that remind us so often of their support in all of our endeavors and a multitude of special people that have touched our lives this year.

We can’t express how much we appreciate North Texas Farm and Ranch Magazine for allowing us to share moments of our life and horsemanship journey with the public. It has been so humbling to get the response we have gotten and we are excited to continue sharing our story.

We also want to give thanks to Trailguard who believed in us and helped us get down the road to live out a dream. We want to thank Careity Foundation for their continuous support for not only us but for all who they help through their cancer journey.

Most of all we want to thank our parents who have stood behind us no matter how crazy this life has seemed. We love you guys.

We wanted to share this little video of Santa showing up this morning and look what we caught him doing!

We hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas!

Steve, Amanda, Ryder and Violet