Profile on: Jerry Craft

By staff writer Jessica Bartel
“As old as I am, I better have done something in my life.” said Jerry Craft. The Jacksboro native, Craft was born April 17, 1937, to J.D. and Louise Craft. There was no hospital at the time, so Craft was born in Graham. He was raised in the country until school events and activities lead the family to move to town. Craft recalls walking to school, “Many parents had cars, but we didn’t so you relied on others with cars or you just walked.”
Very few people know much or as much as Craft does about his family’s lineage. His father J.D. was born into ranching and continued that path throughout his life. On his father’s side, his ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. They traveled from Virginia, down through Tennessee and across the Mississippi River all the way into East Texas. As one can imagine, the path was long and hard. Craft recalled his great-great-grandmother saying they started with horse-drawn wagons, but they proved to be unreliable. That is when the wagon train of three families switched to oxen-drawn wagons. She also mentioned the trip was slowed down due to delivering babies and stopping to raise crops to feed the growing families.
Once in East Texas, his family settled in Denton County and established Lewisville, TX. To read more pick up the June issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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