Profile on Amanda Stevens: Horses, good for the heart and good for healing

By staff writer Jessica Bartel
On a warm, spring day I met Amanda and Steve Stevens at their home and training facility in Weatherford, TX. The couple train horses using natural horsemanship techniques. Steve was originally from California and Amanda from Arizona. The couple met 11 years ago. Steve grew up in rodeo and was a PRCA card holder for 13 years riding bucking horses. Amanda had no experience with horses prior to meeting Steve.
Both agree horses soon became a common passion, one that would drive their life to dedicating it to horses. The horse industry is what led the couple to Texas to stay, build a training facility and raise a family. As life would have it, the inevitable happened: change. The subject of my visit that day was not entirely about horses, but rather how horses had an impact in Amanda’s life, so much that she believes it’s saving her.
The date was April 25, 2014. On this day Amanda and Steve celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. With them to celebrate were son Ryder James, two years old, and Violet Rose, seven months old. The perfect picture of a young, growing family, the Stevens family was faced with staggering change-of-life events in January of this year.
After having given birth to her daughter, Violet in September of 2013, Amanda discovered a lump in her left breast. To read more pick up the May 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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