Land Market Report

By Jared Groce

“Hey Jared, what is the real estate market going to do in 2022?” This is a question I have heard at least 100 times in the last few months, and one that no one can accurately answer. My crystal ball broke way back when I was a little kid, so my ability to foretell the future is futile.

What I can tell you is what it has done in the past, but as the stock brokers all tell you, “Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.” Everyone has a multitude of stories that all begin the same, “My (dad, uncle, mom, friend, etc) bought some land back in (insert your year of choice here) for x amount per acre, and everyone said he was an idiot for paying that much. He just sold that same land for x amount per acre. I wish I was smart enough to have bought land when he did.”

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