Annual Doan’s May Picnic Set for May 7

Bound for the 2008 Doan's May Picnic, a rider from Oklahoma sets foot on Texas soil on the south bank of the Red River north of Doans, Texas. The river crossing is a yearly Hess-to-Doans tradition that typically attracts 50 or more riders. The yearly picnic has drawn participants from both Texas and Oklahoma since the late 1800s. The river has changed course over the years, but the crossing location is in the same area as the historic Doan's Crossing on the Great Western Trail. (Photo by Hanaba Welch)

The annual Doan’s May Picnic at the Doan’s Adobe on FM 2916 in Doans, Texas, (north of Vernon) will start at 10:30 a.m. on May 7. Bring your picnic lunch.

Dating from 1884, the Doan’s May Picnic is the oldest continuously celebrated pioneer festival in Texas. To celebrate the arrival of spring and local heritage, friends gather every first Saturday in May at Doans, Texas, near Doan’s Crossing on the Red River north of Vernon. The family of Corwin F. Doan lived in the Adobe home which was built in 1881 and still stands on the grounds today.

This was the last stop on the Great Western Trail before entering Indian Territory where drovers could get supplies as they took herds of cattle to northern destinations.