Hookin W Ranch: Laramie Wilson and Katie Perschbacher

The most dominant bulls in the Professional Bull Riders circuit are superstars in their own right. The well-deserved spotlight comes from fans’ admiration for the bull’s agility, ability to spin and forceful bucks despite massive muscularity and size, but what does it take to raise one of these professional athletes?

For stock contractors Katie Perschbacher and Laramie Wilson, it takes leading a life that revolves around rodeo, but for them it is nothing new. Rodeo and bulls all but runs in their blood, and together, they are a formidable pair in the world of bucking bulls.

Katie Perschbacher

Perschbacher is the granddaughter of Denny McCoy, who has bred top bucking bulls since the 1980s and developed some of the best genetics in the industry. A few of the McCoy Ranch bulls include Bells Blue, a PBR Short-Go bull born in 2001, Coyote Ugly and Dixie Chicken. Perschbacher said growing up around the McCoy Ranch, she was just always a bull girl.