Grazing North Texas

By Tony Dean,

There are several species of grasses belonging to the Brome family growing in North Texas, but the two most common are Cheat and Rescue. Rescue grass can behave as an annual or biennial, while Cheat grass is an annual. They are both introduced cool-season grasses.

Along with having the same family name, Cheat and Rescue also are both aggressive invaders into our range and pasture lands. lists them both as Texas invasive plants in the database maintained.

Cheat and Rescue grow slowly during the winter months, then as temperatures begin to warm, they rapidly become a significant part of the green blanket that covers much of our grazing lands in early spring. They soon shoot up a seed head and are maturing about the time our summer perennials are just beginning to grow. This gives the Bromes the distinct advantage in using the available sunlight and moisture.

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