Alamosa Round Up Pushes Forward

By Phillip Kitts

The stance rodeo has taken since the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to be one of strength and solidarity. With the impact of COVID-19 early in the 2020 season, the world saw a lot of major rodeos forced to close their operations. The effects continued to roll right into the summer months and have even affected the fall events. What has been a wash for most of the rodeo season has not been a total loss across the United States.

With all bad things come some good. In this case the true American extreme sport has seen a light shed on some rodeos that have found a way to take a stand. The consensus of rodeos that have found a way to prosper and succeed is not necessarily the ones a fan would see in the year-to-year spotlight. It is a list of mid-range to smaller rodeos that have always played an impact on the big picture of pro rodeo, but because of budget or location they have never found themselves in the spotlight.

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