Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

By Rayford Pullen

Fall officially begins in September each year and is the month in North Texas that we like to get our seed in the ground for our fall pastures. With growing days limited by shorter day length and colder temperatures, it is imperative to have our seedlings emerging as quickly as possible to take advantage of the really good temperatures and day length before they become our limiting factors in having our cool season annual pastures.

While our intentions are good, when we’re farming outdoors, we still have to deal with the weather, heat, rainfall and insects, such as armyworms. Now if you are in this business, you have got to be an optimist. The pessimists are not going to do anything because something bad could happen and, in fact, it does on occasion, but not to the extent we quit because it might happen. If you want to lessen your chances of something going wrong, farm indoors, get a greenhouse and find out you are in charge and if something does go wrong, it is probably your fault.

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