Youth Rodeo: Barrel Racing Debate Resurfaces

By Phillip Kitts

As the world works on getting back to normal rodeo and rodeo activities, everyone is looking to get back on track. This is great news for thousands of athletes who have not had a chance to be on the road in months. Outside of the pro rodeo arena, numerous youth organizations are looking forward to being back in their own arenas around the Unites States.

Over the down time, a lot of barrel racers have used the time at home to fine tune their animal athletes, which means they should be ready for some fast times and big wins. There have been some other barrel racers who have used their saved-up money to invest in bringing new horses into their stable that will upgrade the opportunity to earn some checks and find more success. With all of these new developments comes the resurface of an issue that has long been a debate in barrel racing.

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