Round 10 sees success for Adam Grey

Submitted by Phillip Kitts

Round 10 brought a close to the NFR, as the curtain fell some dreams were realized and some were left for another time.

Round 10 also saw some more success for a Texas cowboy. Adam Grey of Seymour, Texas put a strong round 10 together and tied Shane Hanchey for the round win. 

It took Adam halfway through finals to get the wheels rolling, he finally collected a check-in round five when he tied Tyson Durfey with an 8.10-second run splitting fifth and sixth place. 

In round seven things started to really come together when he finished second but between tough draws of calves and rough showings, he went through the next couple rounds without cashing in.

Like any champion Adam did not get discouraged, he made it all worth it for his last PRCA run of 2019. 

At the end round 10 crowned champions and opened the doors for the 2020 season. Look out for our full NFR Recap coming soon    

Photo courtesy PRCA