Cade McCutcheon: Blood, Sweat and Respect

The name McCutcheon is synonymous with success in the world of reining after generations have built a rock-solid reputation of being the best. This
past year, the younger generation emerged to prove the legacy will live on
as Cade McCutcheon burst onto the Professional scene.

While reining may be in his blood, it is Cade McCutcheon’s sweat that has
earned him respect in the sport. He set out to prove he could compete with the best when he made the decision to give up his Non Pro card earlier this year. He has done just that with a work ethic unparalleled in many his age, along with a competitive spirit combined with talent that has earned him major wins, including the biggest competition the sport has ever seen – the Run for a Million.

The youngest McCutcheon was riding by the time he was five, showing by the age of seven and winning major events by the time he was 15. Along the way he was learning from the best, his family, including his parents, National Reining Horse Association million dollar riders Tom and Mandy McCutcheon and grandparents, NRHA multi-million dollar rider and Hall of Fame member Tim McQuay and NRHA Hall of Fame member Colleen McQuay. However, McCutcheon said he never felt pressured to join them. He knew they would support him no matter he career path he chose. Instead, they showed him by example what working hard and humility looks like.

“When it comes to the business, I try and do everything like my dad did, because I think as a businessman, there’s maybe not anybody better in our industry. It’s the same thing as with reining, the best thing is just to work at it,” said McCutcheon. “What I learned from my grandmother is always make sure the clients are important to you. No matter what you’re doing, go and talk to your clients. They are who you get your horses from and how you make it all run, so always put the clients first and make sure to thank your owners. Thank all the people; just be thankful and be humble.”

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