When a City Girl Goes Country

Photo courtesy Annette Bridges

By Annette Bridges

I am quite certain our ranch is not the only one suffering from the excessive spring rain this year. I am pretty sure my hubby is not the only rancher who gets so stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated during such times that the joy in his life gets sucked out of him.

To be honest with y’all, my husband’s woes in troubled times have not always been something I could understand. My childhood was not the easiest.

At 10-years-old, everything dramatically changed. Following the divorce from my daddy that was the complete opposite of amicable, I might add, my mom and I set out in search of a new home and happiness, and my mamma was sure both were possible. She was so convincing to my 10-year-old self, that even though our life was in turmoil and uncertainty, I was happy and expectant as we traveled west from Georgia – although we had no idea how or where we would end up to make that new home for ourselves.

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