Ambassadors of Rodeo: Much More Than a Pretty Face

Miss Rodeo Montana Kayla Seaman. (Photo courtesy Phillip Kitts)

By Phillip Kitts

The roots of rodeo have much more to offer than lists of prideful cowboys and stock contractors who match money with ego.

There is a long list of historic ladies who have made a huge impact on the sport of rodeo. All the way back to the start of the sport, women have competed on nearly all platforms.

Ladies like Bertha (Kaepernick) Blancett, who was the first lady to ride a bronc at Cheyenne and women like Annie Oakley, who was known for her marksmanship abilities in Wild West Shows. Then there were stars like Mabel Strickland who won steer-roping titles in Cheyenne and Pendleton. These women were the ground breakers in the sport of rodeo.

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