Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm

While many couples would find it difficult working alongside each other for hours on end, it is what Chris and Kylie love most about their farm and the agricultural lifestyle. (Photo courtesy Janey Cooper Photography)

In a fast-paced world where groceries come packaged in boxes and can even be ordered online, Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm in Pilot Point offers the opportunity to slow down and experience delicious, fresh fruit the way it was intended: picked right from the fields.

The farm, in its second year, provides a chance to get back to your roots and make memories with the friends and family you bring along for the adventure.

It was family that spurred a young couple, Chris and Kylie Demases, to start the pick-your-own strawberry farm. Chris was born into the farming lifestyle, which afforded him the luxury of spending quality time with his parents as a child.

A fourth-generation farmer, Chris is the youngest of two sons born to Robert and Pam Demases. Chris and his brother, Chance, were raised in Boyd on his family’s produce farm. The Demases family grew a variety of fruits, including watermelon, cantaloupes, squash and greens.

“We produced just about anything that can be grown, and that is what I grew up doing. I was in the field as soon as I could walk,” said Chris. “I think I learned a lot, and it’s where my work ethic came from.”

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