11 Reasons to Visit the Salt Lick BBQ When Visiting Austin

By Michelle Ames

Barbecue is huge in Texas, and one of the biggest names is the Salt Lick in Driftwood. Located just about 15 minutes west of Austin, we love it for special occasions, Sunday afternoons and just anytime we need a barbecue fix. Here’s 11 reasons why it’s worth the trip.

  1. The Salt Lick is located on more than 35 acres just 15 minutes West of Austin, so like Texas, it’s a big place.
  2. You can choose to sit inside in the air conditioning, or out under the shade of the trees. The live music on the weekends might help you burn a few calories as you tap along, but you’ll probably just replace it with their homemade chocolate pecan pie, or ice cream, or both.
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