Endangered Ark Elephant Sanctuary

By Michelle Ames

The Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, Okla., is such an incredible place: a circus elephant sanctuary where these animals can live and roam their 200 forested acres in southeast Oklahoma, just 10 miles from the Red River and the Texas/Oklahoma border.

The forest of southeast Oklahoma is very similar to their native forest in southern Asia. They house the second largest elephant herd in the country. The town of Hugo is known as Circus City USA, where as many as 15 circuses once wintered, although there are only two now.

Endangered Ark offers public tours on Fridays and Saturdays seasonally. They also offer private tours during the week. Tickets are sold online. The tours fill up and sell out quickly. One of our friends was buying her ticket separately, and it was sold out so she didn’t get to go. Be sure and make your reservations in advance and if possible purchase all your tickets at one time.

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