Ag Elsewhere: California

Photo, description by Lainey Smith

Modern day vaquero horsemanship is showcased most prominently in the reined cow horse sport, which emphasizes grit, endurance and finesse through three events.

If you were to ask anyone on the street, “Which state is the horse capital?” the answer would almost certainly be “Texas.”

Texas has roughly 10 percent of the United States horse population, hosts the World Finals for sports like cutting, reined cow horse, and ranch rodeo and is home to the King Ranch, birth place of the American Quarter Horse.

I will admit defeat when someone asks which state is the “horse capital” and say that Texas takes the crown. However, when it comes to horsemanship, there is no state that can match the vaquero

The California vaquero style derived from the Spanish cavalry in the early seventeen hundreds, as Spain settled the Western Coast of modern day American and established communities centered on farming, ranching and the The Vaquero Way Mission.

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