Behind the Chutes: Thoughts from a Rodeo Wife

College rodeo taught Corbett to run her own race. Photo circa 2009. (Photo courtesy of Lacey Corbett)

By Lacey Corbett

Do you know why racehorses often wear blinders on the racetrack? They help keep them focused on their own race and not distracted by all that is going on around them. I can’t help but feel that in today’s social media-saturated society we are like a bunch of racehorses running around without blinders. We allow the possibility of every distraction
around us to slow us down.

This can be very relevant in the rodeo world, and I am terribly guilty of it myself. The latest Instagram post from an account I follow and admire will draw my attention and suddenly I’m shifting my focus on what they are doing instead of focusing on my own course.

In college I tried so hard to keep up with all of the girls running barrels in my circle that I let it derail me and I had a few financial setbacks because of it. I had taken off my blinders. I was not running my own race.

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