Ag Elsewhere : California – Let’s Talk H20

Rows of onions at a Central Valley farm. (Photo by Lainey Smith)

By Lainey Smith 

Come November 6, most media attention will be focused on the heavy mudslinging happening on Capitol Hill. The 2018 midterm elections are bringing controversy to many facets of politics, which makes it easy to shift focus from the issues affecting our own communities. In my own California farming community, the hot button issue, once again, is water—more specifically, Proposition 3.

Let’s break it down to the Reader’s Digest version. If passed, Proposition 3 will allocate nearly $9 billion in bonds for water related infrastructure and environmental projects. Those supporting the proposition include Agricultural Council of California, California Wildlife Foundation, California Watershed Network and Center for Sustainable Neighborhoods. Those opposing Prop 3 include Southern California Watershed Alliance, Sierra Club and Friends of the River. While agricultural, environmental and civil lobbying groups overwhelmingly support Prop 3, it is met with fierce opposition. California passed a similar water bond during the height of the drought in 2014. Those opposed to the current Proposition argue that the 2014 water bond should be sufficient in meeting California’s sustainability goals.

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