Ag Elsewhere : Africa – “The Meeting Room Will Come to Order”

By Tiffany Thompson

“The meeting room will come to order. We are now holding a meeting of the Nana Ankobea Takyiwa 4-H Club. Madam Vice President, are all officers at their stations?”

These were the opening words of our first 4-H meeting at Nana Ankobea Takyiwa School. Listening to the officer team recite the Opening Ceremonies while sitting in the assembly hall of our school, I felt a wave of familiarity and comfort wash over me. Despite the fact that I haven’t been an FFA member for over five years now, serving as an officer for all four years of high school engrained the lines of these ceremonies in my head.

Here, 4-H works as a hybrid between 4-H and FFA in the United States. 4-H is traditionally a club run through schools, and teachers volunteer their time as advisors. Through the club, members can hold officer positions, gain experience working on the school farm and take projects from food and nutrition to bead making.

The National FFA’s Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Creed, have been adapted for 4-H Ghana. Established in the year 2000, 4-H Ghana now includes more than 1,100 clubs across the country.

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