Cowboy Cuisine – Cowboy Date Night at the Twilite Lounge

Po-boy and sides at Twilite Lounge, 212 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth, TX 76104. (Photo by Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens

If you want to feel like you are swept away in the ambience of an authentic vintage New Orleans bar, head over to the Twilite Lounge in Fort Worth. My wife and I had a rare opportunity to leave the kids at home and have a date night. This was inspired by the son of one of our favorite county music artists and rodeo greats, Chris LeDoux. Ned LeDoux was headlining at Billy Bob’s, and I will get back to that later.

In our younger days, my wife and I loved to spend time in New Orleans going on ghost tours, listening to the clomping feet of horse-drawn carriages, taking walks on Magazine Street and getting the occasional drink in an authentic New Orleans dive bar.

If the Twilite Lounge wasn’t south of downtown Fort Worth south of the 30 and someone blind folded me, I would have sworn I was transplanted to Cajun country while I wasn’t looking.

It isn’t like the bar is dark and dingy; it was clean and crisp but had the feel of everything you would expect out of the Big Easy. One of the reasons we went there was that I kept hearing about this bar that was dishing out amazing po-boys out of their little kitchen, and boy, let me tell you, this was no joke.

No one knows for sure how the po-boy sandwich got its name, but the most popular story is that it was invented by Clovis and Benjamin Martin, brothers and former streetcar conductors who opened a restaurant on St. Claude Avenue in the 1920s. When the streetcar drivers went on strike in 1929, the brothers created an inexpensive sandwich of gravy and bits of roast beef on French bread that they would serve the unemployed workers out of the back of their restaurant.

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