Behind the Chutes – Thoughts from a Rodeo Wife

Lacey’s husband, Logan Corbett, riding “Interstate Daydream” from Silver Creek Rodeo Company at Roswell, N. M. (Photo by Phillip Kitts)

By Lacey Corbett

Ice breaker; it’s a common term for a conversation starter and a great way to get someone to talk to you. One of the most common “ice breakers” I get is, “So Lacey, tell me about your husband. What does he do for work?” I’m guaranteed to get quite the facial expression when I give them my response. I am the proud wife of a college rodeo coach/professional rodeo cowboy.

My husband, Logan, was offered the position of head rodeo coach at New Mexico State University a couple short months after we were married.

We packed what we could and sold what we couldn’t and made the journey west from Kentucky with two barrel horses, a dog and one highly sedated cat. Life was grand! We were newlyweds in a new town, pursuing passions and learning how to live life as a married couple.

Well, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a husband with a bareback riggin’ and dreams to make the National Finals Rodeo. Wait, what?

I was seven months pregnant with our daughter, Conlee, when Logan (who we all thought was done riding bucking horses) said that he was ready to hit the rodeo trail again. I encouraged him to go after his dreams under the condition that he would get in shape and make his health a priority.

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