On the Road with Dave Alexander – Sawyer Brown

Sawyer Brown. (Courtesy photo)

By Dave Alexander 

Howdy country music fans, I’ve been told that history has a way of repeating its self. It seems to me that more and more country acts from the late ’80’s and ’90’s are beginning to re-emerge. The demand for good, danceable, fun music is greater than ever. It appears that the new graduating class of the Nashville up-and-comers, are having a hard time getting out of school. Award show ratings are down, concert ticket sales are at an all time low, and I hate to say it, but the music just isn’t cutting it. Well, not here in Texas anyway.

Thank goodness for our musical heros of yesterday. Sawyer Brown is a great example of how good music and musicians are hard to keep down. They are back on the road and bigger and better than ever.

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