Ranching Down Under

R.M. Williams left behind a legacy as a great entrepreneur in Australia. (Courtesy photos)

By Samantha Hall

Reginald Murray Williams was born in 1908 in Rural South Australia. At 10 years old R.M’s family moved to Adelaide, Australia.
R.M. missed his rural life and yearned to get back to the outback. At 13 years old Reginald left school, packed a bag and swag and headed north.

The young man’s first job was a as a lime burner. He also found work on cattle stations and spent time prospecting on the gold fields of western Australia. R.M. also worked as a camel driver for a traveling missionary and spent three years exploring Australia’s vast interior and learning skills to survive in the outback.

The legends about R.M. Williams tell a story of a wild, tough and capable Bushman. During the depression, R.M. met his first wife Thelma Mitchell; after they married they set up “camp” in the Gammon Ranges of South Australia. A friend of R.M.’s was a man called “Dollar Mick.”

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