Cowboy Culture

Reid with his first Nevada coyote. (Photo courtesy of Clay Reid)

By Clay Reid 

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a coyote hunter. Some like shooting Bambi while others like shooting wild Wilbur the pig. For me, though, I like hunting coyotes. I’ve seen the damage they do ranchers, and I’ve been called out many times after someone watched as their pets were snatched from their very eyes by these little monsters.

I don’t blame the coyote because that’s his place in life, and mine is to control him. With that being said, with the recent rains flooding me out at the ranch, last week I decided I would do a little scouting trip to the west to see if I could find some good dirt to hunt when The World Championship Coyote Hunt comes around in December.

Well, I say little scouting trip, but it wasn’t so little. I covered 2,976 miles and went through seven states.

I’m pretty sure I had lost my mind, but if you’re gonna be the Coyote Man, you better be committed to it. I left Wednesday after getting everything fed and taken care of at the ranch and headed west towards Nevada.

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