Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Summer is approaching quickly and in the cattle business, that means “making hay while the sun shines.” (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)

By Rayford Pullen 

It has been a few years back but I remember saying in the early part of June that we had missed our spring season! That’s right, no rain, no green grass, no prospects of summer grass, no nothing.

How in the world were we going to survive the rest of the year? I am not sure what year “the year we missed spring” was but I do remember it occurring and in assessing this year’s spring season, how could it be any better?

We had plenty of rain, cool temperatures, and although we know it will end sooner than later, an endless supply of grass. Just a little reminder to readers: these articles are due to the editor about a month before you read them so if it is hot and we are in the middle of another drought as you read this, I apologize.

With spring calving behind us, breeding is in full swing and weed control is wrapping up. What’s next? If you have not vaccinated your calves for blackleg and dewormed them, you need to get on the stick and get that done. In my experience, calves that die from blackleg are usually the best-doing ones and for some reason, when you first see them they have already died and in many cases, they seem to be close to a water source such as a stock tank, pool or pond (depending on which side of IH 35 you live). To read more pick up the June 2016 issue of NTFR.