April 2016 Profile – Michael Tittor: Engraved Art

Micheal Tittor has been engraving and doing silversmith work the last ten years. Combining the two works of art and mediums allows him to stay on his toes and not get bored with the tedious work engraving involves. (Photo by Jessica Crabtree)

By Jessica Crabtree

Steel to the eye is dark, cold to the touch and heavy. It is an item of little character or appeal, although its uses are many. The same can be said for copper, brass and silver; however, their differences in color, weight and shine are more pleasing to the eye and touch. All three have multiple uses; however how many people can render it beautiful?
The art of engraving is rare and coveted. It takes a special set of skills, patience and understanding of the tools and medium. Hours and hours of work and paying attention to tiny details are what make a silversmith, engraver or both. Of those people they can be any gender, of any race and age. They, too, are as diverse as the metal they engrave.
Michael Tittor resides in Paradise, Texas, and was raised just three miles from were he lives currently. It’s small town in Wise County, where most of the population lives outside town in a rural setting. Tittor’s ancestors, the Manns on his mother’s side, came to Wise County and settled in the mid-1800s. Tittor’s great-great-great grandfather even served as one of the very first sheriffs of Wise County. His name was W.J. Mann. On his father’s side, Tittor is of Russian descent.
Eventually moving their family to the family ranch, the Tittor family lived within walking distance of their uncle, aunt, grandparents and great-grand-parents. “Me, my siblings and cousins had 400 acres right in front of us to spend every day riding horses and hunting,” Tittor said. “My grandad was pretty old school. He ran most all Longhorns. We helped him work cattle all the time. It wasn’t until I was older that there was any other way to work cattle besides horseback,” he went on to say. To read more pick up the April 2016 issue of NTFR.




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