Bob Stone Camp No. 93

A group from the 1903 reunion. (Photo courtesy of Tales N Trails Museum)

By Shannon Gillette

When the Civil War finally came to an end in 1865, men across the South returned to their homes and began to try to put their lives, families and homes back together. Their desire to remain in touch with their brothers-in-arms was strong, but time and distance made this a difficult task. It was not until almost 25 years after the War Between the States that a national organization was formed. The United Confederate Veterans organization was established in 1891. The main purpose of the organization was to provide for widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers, preserve artifacts, care for the disabled Confederate soldiers and provide organized reunions. Reunions were held on a national level, but local chapters soon formed. One such chapter was the Bob Stone Camp No. 93 located in Nocona, Texas.

Bob Stone Camp, created in 1891, was named for Colonel Bob Stone. Colonel Stone was originally from Missouri but migrated to the Gainesville area to practice law. When the war broke out he volunteered his services and enlisted as 2nd Lieutenant in Co. H of the Texas Infantry. To read more pick up the March 2016 issue of NTFR.