Managing wildlife on your ranch

By Andy Anderson

I, like most people, love the outdoors and am blessed to be outside in the woods every day. I grew up hunting, fishing and working ranches. Like most people, I leased land for hunting and did so every free moment I had. When I became a landowner, raising cattle and hay, I hunted my own property. But I approached things a little differently because it was my place. I developed a wildlife management program that accomplished several things, but the most important to me were to improve and sustain the wildlife and for it to coexist with the agricultural management practices I had currently in place.

I approached wildlife management differently than traditional teachings, focusing on just wildlife and wildlife resources. There was this old theory back then if you are either wildlife or agricultural, the two could not work together. But that’s just not true. To read more pick up the November 2015 issue of NTFR.