Assignment:TEXAS – Lineage

By Russell Graves

Heavy spring rains did their number on the red clay backroads in Milam County.  Driving the pickup down the rough road, we’ve straddled deep erosion gullies when we could, but now we are as far as we can go.  The road is impassable.

For the final half mile of the trek, my brother, my eleven year old son and I make the final walk through the oak overstory and yaupon brush that flanks the road until we reach the Sand Point Cemetery.  The cemetery is remote, but considering the amount of rain that fell over Texas in the spring, is fairly tidy.  We are here to connect with the past in order to understand from whence we came and, hopefully, gain some insight as to where we’re headed.  I open the gate and we wade through the rough grass and search for the gravesite of my great grandparents and my son’s great, great grandparents.

This trip is the culmination of detective work set forth by my brother back in the spring.  With the help of, he’s been researching our paternal lineage.  We both, of course, knew our grandfather before he died in 1993 but after that, we hadn’t much of a clue.  Therefore, Bubba sought answers. To read more pick up the November  issue of NTFR.