The Basket Flower

By Lisa Bellows. Ph. D., North Central Texas College

Basket-Flower, Centaurea americana is a member of the Aster Family and is having a grand time along our roadways and pastures this summer. The underside of the flower resembles a straw-colored, stiffly woven basket, thus the common name of Basket-Flower. It is often mistaken as a thistle but unlike the aggressive thistles we are all trying feverishly to keep at bay, it lacks the prickles of thistles and actually will not pierce your skin at all. You will even notice a sweet, honey-like fragrance emitted by this native beauty.
If you are considering a plant for your native garden or landscape, Basket-Flower is an excellent choice. To read more pick up the July 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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