Horsefeathers: Wild Kingdom

By contributing writer David Gregory
It was an hour past my regular lunch time when the hunger pains began. I made a bologna and pimento cheese sandwich, got an opened bag of potato chips, a glass of water and moved to the patio. I sat snacking for a few minutes, leaning back with my feet in another chair, enjoying a slight breeze in a cloudy sky.
Suddenly I had the feeling I was not alone. Turning my head very slowly, I see a big fat doe watching me from no more than a hundred yards away. I limited my movements and very slowly took a bite, laid the sandwich down and picked up a potato chip. She stood like a statue and never blinked an eye. She watched me for ten minutes before casually grazing back into the woods.
From the corner of my eye I see a squirrel jump off a tree trunk and land no more than thirty feet from me. It sat up on its back legs, shook his tail at me and began chattering. I felt like it was giving me a cussing for invading its territory. As I continued eating another squirrel landed nearby and joined the protest.
I continued to sit motionless. A flight of red birds landed along the back fence. A representative was sent to check out the bare ground and small bowl some fifteen feet from me where I usually put out sunflower seed before I eat breakfast. When it reported back another came to be sure the first hadn’t overlooked any seeds. To read more pick up the July 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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