The Swift Fox

November 30, 2018 0
By Russell A. Graves North of Dalhart there isn’t much to stop the wind. A vast prairie cleaves horizontally into an even bigger sky. If you get past the row crops and out to the […]

Confessions of a Hunter – Grass Demons

November 28, 2018 0
By Andy Anderson  Every year they lurk in the grass, lying in wait for their next victim. You don’t know they are there; they don’t let you know they are invading your body until it’s […]

Grazing North Texas – Purpletop Tridens

November 26, 2018 0
By Tony Dean  Purpletop tridens is a native, perennial, warm season bunchgrass that is found across all of Texas except the extreme western areas. It grows in most of the U.S. from the central plains […]

The Delight of Small Game

October 26, 2018 0
By Russell A. Graves Gripping the gun and slipping from my truck to the edge of the tangled underbrush was as close as I could come to time travel. My nephew at my side, we […]

Grazing North Texas – Erect Dayflower

October 20, 2018 0
By Tony Dean  The lack of summer rains over much of North Texas this year deprived some of us of viewing many of the showy forbs native to our prairies. Some of the plants were […]

Caddo Lake

September 26, 2018 0
By Russell Graves Road trips are always epic for me. I live in the Texas Panhandle where chronic dryness and drought are the rule. Aside from an intermittently running river and a handful of farm […]

Confessions of a Hunter – Hog Calling

September 20, 2018 0
By Andy Anderson Hog calling has become very popular. With the use of technology, blue tooth speakers and smart phones, calling is as real as ever. I was introduced to hog calling by Glenn Guess […]

Hunting for Bigfoot

August 30, 2018 0
By Russell A. Graves When Texas was just a burgeoning state, fantastic tales of human-like creatures permeated the folklore. “In the spring of 1845 when going to my work one morning I discovered the tracks […]

Grazing North Texas – Sideoats grama

August 28, 2018 0
By Tony Dean In August of 2015, we introduced this “Grazing North Texas” series by highlighting one of our most important forage plants, Sideoats grama. On this third anniversary, we will take a closer look […]
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