Drones for Wildlife Management

August 26, 2017 0
By Russell Graves  The feeling is scary and amazing all at the same time. Within minutes of my new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone, arriving at my rural home north of Childress, Texas, I […]

Grazing North Texas – Meadow Dropseed

August 24, 2017 0
By Tony Dean  Meadow dropseed is a native perennial bunch grass that matures into large dense plants that can reach one to two feet in diameter. The leaves are flat and narrow and can grow […]

Bucket List and more

July 30, 2017 0
By Andy Anderson  Helicopter pig hunting is an experience unlike any other. It just simply cannot be compared to anything else. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience and certainly worthy of a […]


July 29, 2017 0
By Russell A. Graves With bucket in hand, my boy and I headed down to the duck marsh where we hunt. During the winter, the two acre marsh, which was created by my brother out […]

Grazing North Texas – Bumelia

July 27, 2017 0
By Tony Dean  Bumelia is one of our more important wildlife browsing plants, but it is not particularly well known by many ranchers. It does, however, have a long list of common names, including Chittamwood, […]

Frog Hunting

June 29, 2017 0
By Russell Graves The sound is hard to describe phonetically but if you ever heard it you don’t forget it. “Wuh-um, wuh-um, wuh-um,” bellows the big bullfrog in a baritone voice from the edge of the […]

Grazing North Texas – Scribner’s Panicum

June 27, 2017 0
By Tony Dean Scribner’s panicum is one of our native perennial grasses in North Texas that goes mostly unnoticed, but it is probably more important to our grazing livestock than we realize. It can grow […]

Kaput: Part 2

May 30, 2017 0
By Andy Anderson  The topic of hogs is a familiar one among ranchers and farmers during the morning coffee break. Lately it has been about the use of Kaput, the warfarin based poison. Since the […]

Grazing North Texas – Bluebonnet

May 19, 2017 0
By Tony Dean  A favorite time of the year for many Texans is bluebonnet season when we get to see our Texas state flower in bloom across the country side. Many of us take sight-seeing […]

The Big Deal About Bass

May 17, 2017 0
By Russell A. Graves  In mythology, it is said that Helen of Troy was the face that launched 1,000 ships. In reality, however, it is the face of the largemouth that’s launched millions of bass […]
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