December 31, 2014 0
By Lisa Bellows The offer of an unripened persimmon to a novice can conjure up a good laugh. The alum-like tannins in the unripe fruit cause the mouth to pucker, draw and ultimately spitting will […]

Assignment Texas: Texas from 200 ft.

December 12, 2014 0
By Russell A. Graves While the ambient temperature isn’t all that cold – in the mid 50’s – I still grab the hoodie from my truck. Pulling it over my head quickly and putting my […]

With freezing weather on the way, plants need care, too.

November 11, 2014 0
By: Kathleen Phillips Writer: Kathleen Phillips, 979-845-2872, COLLEGE STATION — As the first major cold snap approaches, people can take action to protect plants from total loss, horticulturists with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service […]

Texas roses must be ‘on’ year round to make the cut

November 4, 2014 0
By: Kathleen Phillips Writer: Kathleen Phillips, 979-845-2872, Contact: Dr. David Byrne, 979-862-3072, COLLEGE STATION — It’s late autumn, and most of the blossom-laden plants that colored summer are fading. But seasonal changes offer […]

Southwest Texas deer crop expected to be great this year

November 4, 2014 0
Writer: Robert Burns, 903-834-6191, COLLEGE STATION – Deer hunting in Southwest Texas is expected to be “really terrific” this year thanks to timely rains, according to Dr. Rob Hogan, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service […]

Plant of the month: Snow-on-the-Prairie

September 20, 2014 0
By contributing writer Lisa Bellows, Ph.D., North Central Texas College Euphobia bicolor and Euphoria marginata or Snow-on-the-Prairie and Snow-on-the-Mountain are annual herbs that give us a show of summer white in our area fields and […]

The River was their Highway- Continued

August 22, 2014 0
By contributing writer Jerry Williams The continuing story of the intriguing history revived here concerns the river highways that were used prior to 1803, the date of the Louisiana Purchase. This story unfolded when the […]
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