Confessions of a Hunter

March 12, 2019 0
By Andy Anderson You ever have a day when nothing goes your way? It just seems like you can’t do anything right, and just when you think you’re making progress, something happens that just knocks […]

Endangered Ark Elephant Sanctuary

February 22, 2019 0
By Michelle Ames The Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, Okla., is such an incredible place: a circus elephant sanctuary where these animals can live and roam their 200 forested acres in southeast Oklahoma, just 10 […]

Confessions of a Hunter

February 16, 2019 0
By Andy Anderson I have been hunting all my life and continue to do so for many reasons, but the biggest is the meat and meat treats I get from my harvest. When I was […]

Grazing North Texas

February 10, 2019 0
By Tony Dean There are a handful of mean-spirited plants that seem to have developed a liking to growing in places where they are a nuisance on North Texas grazing lands. One of those plants […]

Grazing North Texas: Carolina Jointtail Grass

January 13, 2019 0
By Tony Dean Carolina jointtail grass is a native, warm-season, perennial, rhizomatous grass. It grows between one and three and one-half feet tall. Leaves are between eight and 14 inches in length, with the basal […]
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